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Smart Meter Solution

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Smart Meter Management solution is a complete solution for companies to manage meter installations .This solution enables companies to track installations in realtime based on the worker’s geo location. The Solution includes a Mobile Application & an administration Portal for maker & checker system. The customised portal and application helps manage customer survey and other meter management activities. The application is highly optimised with enterprise grade performance and tested to work in no network zones.

Solution Modules

  • 1. Customer Survey
  • 2. Installation
  • 3. Inspection
  • 4. Replacement
  • 5. Disconnection

Solution Features

  • 1. Mobile Ready
  • 2. Simple GUI for Field Workers
  • 3. On / Offline Mode Capability
  • 4. Geo Location Tagging
  • 5. QR Code Meter Scanner
  • 6. Custom Reporting
  • 7. Cloud Ready
  • 8. Enterprise Grade Performance
  • 9. Customisable Platform

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Pre Paid Solution
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Prepaid solutions are the need of the hour as more as more consumers like to pay on need basis versus the old post paid model. This pre-paid facility gives agility to customers to recharge anywhere anytime and helps regular tracking of their usage/consumption. At HOH, we have developed an easy to use and integrate pre-paid module which helps end customers to pay and recharge on the go. The solution can be integrated with legacy systems and can be used for various functions like - account recharge, meter recharge, Pre-Paid Courses, fee payments etc.

Solution Features

  • 1. Simple to operate UI/UX
  • 2. OTP based Login
  • 3. Consumption based data graphs
  • 4. Quick recharge options with configurable packages
  • 5. Easily integration with legacy system
  • 6. Open to use any Payment gateway integrations
  • 7. Geo Tagging for Analytics
  • 8. Available on Web/Android/iOS
  • 9. Consumer complaint module

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e-Commerce Solution

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eCommerce Solution is ready custom portal (Website & Mobile Application) for any B2C Business in an affordable subscription model. We offer a website and mobile App Solution developed to manage multi vendor/store online sales. All vendors/stores can manage their inventory along with their orders from the platform.


  • 1. Easy Implementation
  • 2. Simple GUI for Product, Inventory & Order Management
  • 3. Mobile Ready (Omnichannel)
  • 4. Multi Store Function (Seamless 3 click process to add a new store)
  • 5. Custom Reports to review business performance
  • 6. Cloud Ready
  • 7. Ready Payment Integration with leading Payment gateways

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Car Dealer Software is a Car resale software which is One Stop Solution for Car Inventory, Customer Enquiry & Sales Management. HOH brings you a single window software to maintain your inventory & effectively manage enquiries for higher Sale conversion rate. The software support multiple dealerships across geography with dealership wise access control system.

The software brings following value added Features.

  • 1. Secure Data
  • 2. Access inventory of associated dealers across Maharashtra
  • 3. Customer Relation Management
  • 4. Account Management
  • 5. Insurance

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School Management System

SMS is complete school management system which allows teachers to communicate with Parents. With its unique inbuilt chat it allows school to monitor the communication between school and parents.

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VCR is a video conferencing app with features like multiple video, screenshare, data share etc.

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Farming App

Farming App an app developed to help contract farmers to manage their crops in better way. It’s a complete end to end solution which gives them an insight of whats the status of crops in all farms and also helps them manage their supply chain.

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Employee Management

Employee Management is app for managing and monitoring on field employee. The app allows companies manage all orders through the app and also tracks the current location of the employee.

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Business Intelligence, Reporting and Analytic Tools

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Business Analytics are the key to success for any business. The trends of current and past are the foundation for the future decisions. Most of the time as this data is scattered and not utilised properly businesses arent able to take intelligent decisions, we at HOH have pioneered the art of getting you the right analytics on a single click by bringing all your existing systems on a common dashboard.



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